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A Fun and Faithful Gathering Place for Friends of the Show

Discord is a social media app that combines everything good about Reddit, Telegram, and Facebook, into one platform.  Originally popular amongst video-game enthusiasts, it has become a popular platform for podcast fans to gather as well.   Ward Radio has a robust and entertaining Discord, moderated by some great volunteers and you are welcome to join us there by following the link below.  Many people who join our discord say "Finally, I have found my people".  The Ward Radio Community Discord is a fun and faithful gathering place for people who are fans of the show to talk about anything and everything tangential to the church, our channel, church news, deep doctrine, and more.  In our Discord Channel there are many sub-categories where you can react to shows, opine on current events, share memes, and even submit names to a prayer-roll for people who go to the temple!lol.  There's sections for church history, meso-american and book of Mormon Archaeology... the whole nine yards!  Join Today!

Meet the Moderators!

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