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Ward Radio Cardon Ellis Kwaku El Brad Witbeck and Brittany Ellis

We delight in truth.  We denounce deception.  We have Fun.

Ward Radio is the creation of Cardon Ellis, radio host at FM98.1 and independent filmmaker in Los Angeles.  Flanked by two fellow comedians, Brad Witbeck and Kwaku El, as well as his lovely wife, Brittany the Shadow, Cardon Ellis formed Ward Radio (formerly the Midnight Mormons) in 2019 and it has grown ever since.  Ward Radio is a variety talk show that covers all things tangential to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Though not an official show of the church, Ward Radio covers all aspects of the Church, including culture, doctrine, and yes... debunking the latest anti-Mormon attacks against the church with lots of fun facts and humor.

Whether debunking woke-scold criticisms of the faith or debating toxic ex-mo cry-bullies, the show is fast, informative, and funny.  You are not stupid if you believe, in fact, understanding, cultivating, and expressing belief in a cynical secular world requires more courage and intelligence than the modern cult of academia would like to admit.  Our "intelligentsia" has never been more arrogant and foolish and we laugh at this arrogance and foolishness on the daily.  If you like that kind of thing, then join us.  We can be found on Youtube, Spotify, Twitter, or the magical book of faces.  

We delight in truth.  We denounce deception.  We have Fun.... except the newsroom guys, they're REALLY serious.  You can sign up for their newsletter here!

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